This is for people who appreciate honesty.

I used to be a big shot in silicon valley and hollywood but I left because It’s almost the 2020s & we’re in a new era. Every business now has to have videos online. I have made millions for my clients and I want to make video ads for you so you can too. You’ve probably seen these marketer guys on social media telling you that you are selling your product wrong and that they have the secret to making all kinds of money for you. They’re lying. They can’t make great ads and that’s why instead they use search engine tricks and social media software to try and dupe facebook, google, your customers, and most of all you. I want to make honest but engaging and entertaining ads for you that work without tricks.

You need a commercial. Just like TV, just like movie trailers. You have to have a very expensive looking ad that blows people away and delivers an emotional message about your product and how it can improve peoples lives. You need top level graphics and branding and you need it all combined into a beautiful cohesive message that everyone gets and enjoys seeing.

Those same marketer guys will tell you that you can sell your product on your own with the right tricks. You can’t. You need a real filmmaker to basically make a little movie about your product or service. You already know this but you think you can’t afford it. That’s where I come in. I’m that commercial maker you’ve been waiting for. I guarantee if you work with me you will be getting an ad that looks like you spent 1 million dollars on. Your customers will think you are at the top of your industry in the first 3 seconds they see your ad. It will blow you away how impressed everyone will be with what you have to offer and how much they want it.

I’ve worked in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, New York, Europe, and all over the world making films and motion graphics. I’ve won almost every award possible. I can tell you with all honesty that I am one of the best and most talented creators of film and graphics mixed in the world. And I’m available for you to hire for waaaaay less than you think, RIGHT NOW! If you are an up and coming company or even a small to medium company I promise you can already afford me. I’ve already earned millions for my clients and I want to do it for you now. With just Facebook and Instagram ads alone my current clients are averaging $250k more in the first 6 months from just one set of ads. That’s a 500% R.O.I. for them!

If you want to make much more money online, all you have to do is call me right now and we will start planning your ad that will look like you spent 6 figures on it. You let me know what your product is and how it improves people’s lives and my staff of writers will write out and plan a commercial that will blow your socks off. We’re a very small studio compared to Hollywood but we offer several levels of ads. If you sign up for our main package I will fly to you personally and plan out your ad in person no matter where you are in the world, literally. After we agree on a message I will personally come storyboard your ad(s) right in front of you and assure you to your face how happy you’re going to be with it. Then along with my small staff and crew we will shoot and edit your entire ad in a matter of 10 days.

I have taken small budget filmmaking to a whole new level. No one in history has been able to offer such quality imagery for so low, it’s really unheard of. I’m basically undercutting all other producers by offering you this. I’ve already made media for some of the largest fortune 500 companies including several Hollywood studios. But now I’m 100% available to you instead. The technology involved in film has changed dramatically in the past 5 years and it’s no longer true that you need to spend a million dollars to look like a million dollars. And the best part of all this is…we will promote and market your ads for you once we complete them. You don’t have to do a thing. We already have an amazing team of real digital marketers that know how to find your audience and deliver to them your ads. The right people looking for your product at the right time.
No tricks just old fashioned quality filmmaking mixed with proper standard marketing.

So call me on the phone right now. +1 (818) 697-0088‬ Tell me what your product or service is and I will begin planning a crazy good, million dollar looking ad that will take you to a new level of earnings.